In my professional opinion, acupuncture should not be used for open wounds, emergency situations that are life threatening and with people who are not able to consent for their own treatment.

Open wounds need to heal first, or the local area can be avoided while distal (points away from the local injury) can still be used. After a wound has been healed, we can work in the area to facilitate healing in a safe manner.

Emergency situations such as strokes, extremely high blood pressures, extreme blood sugar levels and major car accidents need to be stabilized at a hospital first! The condition needs to be deemed stabilized before acupuncture can be applied, but it can help  with recovery from such serious situations, once this has been established.

People who cannot consent for their own treatment are not applicable because they are not coherent and cannot give consent. This does not apply to children, as their caregivers are the ones who give consent for medical services.

With this being said, I have still given treatment to patients who could not speak but could nod their heads and consent to treatment.

There are other situations where acupuncture may not be applicable but they are rare and don’t happen very often.

Acupuncture as a whole is very safe and applicable in most medical situations.

If you would like to know if acupuncture would be applicable to your unique medical situation, we offer a Free Consultation, which would help answer your question. Click on this link to request a consultation.

𝐈𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞, 𝐈 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬….

What about you?

Luckily, I have learned from those days so I don’t react like this anymore but I still remember those days.

Sometimes, it can be hard to view our lives objectively and not get “caught up” in the emotions of our lives and the situations that life can bring.

Part of my job as an Acupuncturist is to inspire and empower my patients, to let them know that you are not alone, I am listening to what you have to say and that it is possible to feel better.

I have had patients in the past, who have been told that they will never feel better and they will always have to suffer.

I was told the same thing as I was growing up.

But it turns out, that it wasn’t true.

If you have given up on feeling better or feel that you never will, know that you are not alone.

I cannot guarantee anyone results, nor would I ever do that.

What I can do, is promise to do my absolute best and help you as much as I can.

I have been there before, I get it.

If you want to feel better in mind or body, click on this link to see how we help people get back to their normal lives.

No need to die many times, trying to figure it all out.

We have a life to live!



Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years! It could even pre-date when we think it was discovered. Some say 150BC and others say 1100BC, but nonetheless it was a very long time ago!
Throughout the years, certain conditions have come and gone and we have learned to adapt this ancient medicine to today’s world and people.

It has always been very interesting to me, that something like this could evolve and continuously adapt and still remain effective.

Part of the reason, is that even though we may change, the fact that our bodies are incredibly amazing, has not.

Since acupuncture helps the body heal itself, it can remain relevant and effective as a treatment method.

If you look at all indigenous people of various continents and places all over the world, they also have created their own respective natural treatment methods that many still use today.

There are times when we do need invasive interventions but there are also many times that we do not need these and something less invasive in nature, is applicable.

Acupuncture can help you feel less pain, increase mobility, help with digestive issues, headaches/migraines, sleep disturbances and so much more.

If you are wondering how this ancient medicine can help you feel better, click on this link to contact us to schedule your appointment or free consultation.


We all have to start from somewhere.

Looking at a large goal can seem daunting, which can sometimes deter you from starting to work towards that particular goal.

If you break down your larger goal into smaller goals- it can seem more doable to achieve!

For example: If you have had a particular pain for what seems “forever” and it continues to get worse and stops you from doing most daily tasks, it can seem daunting to try to tackle it.

But you have to start somewhere, if this is a goal that you want to tackle.

During your initial consultation, we will evaluate what your goals of treatment are and we will give you a plan to start with and we will re-evaluate that plan as we progress along the treatment plan.

We can start at any beginning level and work our way towards your goals.

I had one patient who had their physical therapist get upset that they weren’t able to accomplish certain exercises because they weren’t to a point where they could do them yet.

This is unacceptable- this patient was willing to work but had to start from “Square One”.

We will start wherever you are and work towards your goals- no matter where you are in your state of health (unless you are at an emergency level- we need you to go to the hospital and once you are stabilized and not in any danger- then you can come in!)

If you want to start working on your health goals so that you can live the life that you truly want- click on this link to see how we help people achieve their health goals.


Have you started any new hobbies to pass the time?

If so, what are you using your time to create?

Opening up our creativity and the right hemisphere of our brain can help us in more ways than 1!

I personally find that the more I create and use creativity, the better I am as a problem solver. I can think “outside of the box” easier when it comes to business or personal problems that I am trying to solve!

“Play” in adults is still very important.

We normally just encourage our children to use their imaginations and to create new things, but we are stifled as adults and are told to do things that are more “productive”.

New research is showing that utilizing our creativity and “playing” as adults can decrease our stress levels, increase our ability to learn new things, improves our relationships with others and helps us learn and develop new skills.

So, start that project that you have been wanting to start, paint, create, go on a bike ride, play a board game or put a puzzle together without feeling any guilt that you should be doing something-more productive!

If your health is what is preventing you from your hobbies or from starting a new hobby then click on this link to give our office a call! We can help you!


Now is the time.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

This down time has given all of us more time to think, to ponder and to re-evaluate what we are currently doing in our personal and business lives.

Identify why you want things in your life and then set your goals to achieve what you want!

Figuring out your “Why” is important, as that will help push your through, when times get tough. When it is something that you truly believe in- you will get through anything to make it happen!

I have seen this with patients in pain.

They say, “I hate needles”, “I never thought that I would be doing this”, “I am so tired of dealing with this and thinking of my pain 24/7”.

They are saying these things- but they are so tired of dealing with pain and not achieving their goals in life, that they have finally made a decision and commitment to getting rid of their body pain.

The reason that they are coming may be different, it may be to be able to work again, it may be to be able to do things with their family again, for some people- they want to become more independent again or they may want to engage in their favorite hobbies again.

Whatever the reason, if you are committed to your goals and your body pain or health is stopping you- then click on the link in our Bio and contact our office to schedule an appointment for you.

Don’t let your pain hold you back from achieving your goals!

If you want to know how we can help you, click on this link to find out more.
Is this what you look like these days?

I am seeing an increase in back pain at my clinic these days, due to having people working from home and also from a decrease in physical movement.
What I am seeing is people who are working from couches, beds and soft chairs which are not meant for long-term working conditions.

These soft areas don’t allow for support of the spine, pelvis and to maintain posture.

After sitting in these spots for hours on end, people are standing up and realizing that they now have lower back pain, hip pain or upper back and neck pain.

Sitting in this sort of posture for extended periods of time causes postural imbalances like Upper Crossed Syndrome which is a postural dysfunction of imbalanced muscles that can leads to distorted movement patterns.

This causes a “trickle down” effect onto t

he body that can cause various body pain that may seem unrelated but it really isn’t.Our body has muscle memory and if we sit in horrible postures for extended periods of time, our bodies remember this posture and keep us stuck in it, even after we are up and moving around.

It is something that you may not always notice right away but over time postural imbalances cause many other pain-related issues.

With acupuncture we work to correct the muscular imbalances, give corrective exercises for the imbalances and reduce pain as quickly as possible.

Click on this link to learn more about how we help people reduce pain, increase energy and how we help the body heal itself.

I had a new patient come in and she said that she thought that I would talk to her for a minute and then put needles in.

This is not how we do things at our office.

She kept saying, “I didn’t know it was going to be all of this.”

It is very important for your Acupuncturist to understand your medical history, mechanism of your injury, current symptoms and what your goals for treatment are.

An initial consultation and treatment lasts approximately 1hour 30mins to 1 hour 45mins and consists of a thorough intake, physical exam, medical history review  and evaluation of current symptoms.

There may also be orthopedic tests involved, active range of motion evaluations, postural assessment or palpation of affected areas.

After the initial session, when you come back for subsequent sessions you will be re-evaluated on a consistent basis and your progress will be documented and treatment may change according to how much progress is being made.

I may add in moxibustion or herbal supplements, if necessary.

For most pain conditions I almost always add in fire cupping and myofascial release, to help the musculoskeletal aspects of pain dysfunctions.

We are serious about healing here and you will know that you are being taken care of, as soon as you walk into our office!

If you are serious about getting your health back on track and feeling better- then we may be a good fit for you! Click on the link to learn about who we help and how we can help!

We work hard to help reduce body pain- in all different areas of the body- as fast as possible.
By utilizing the body’s innate healing response, we can help guide your body to healing itself for you!

Instead of having to avoid certain movements, become reliant upon pain meds to get through the day, not sleep well because your pain keeps waking you up or not be able to do things around the house because your pain won’t allow you to…..

We work hard to encourage your body heal itself in order to harmonize various bodily systems together, to help you feel better, sleep better and get through life without as much suffering.

Your body doesn’t want to be in pain but it doesn’t always know how to fix the situation by itself.

This is where we come in!Our natural medicine allows us to act like a guide in order to help your body heal itself through natural, non-invasive means.

We create a treatment plan based on your medical needs and goals, work towards relieving your most pressing symptoms as soon as possible which may mean weekly or biweekly sessions, then we eventually move to maintenance sessions which occur once a month or once a season, depending on the situation.

Our goal is not to have you have to come to acupuncture forever and ever.

It is to help you heal as fast as possible and then maintain those results for a very long time.

Then you can send your friends and family to us to help them as well!

If you are in pain or know someone that is in pain who wants to feel better- click on this link to learn more about how we treat pain conditions.



It is a normal part of life.

We make mistakes and then we grow and learn from them for the future.

There are times in our life when our health is- on point!

We are exercising regularly, eating well, sleeping very well and we feel amazing!

There are other times when we have gotten caught up in life, made excuses and have fallen off the wagon- big time!

When this happens- we tend to start eventually feeling horrible, sleep deprived, low energy and irritable.

We then have to commit to making a change, change our habits and work towards feeling better as soon as possible.

Mistakes happen, that is okay and a part of life. We just learn from them for next time, so that we don’t end up falling off as hard as we have in the past!

If you are feeling tired, worn down, exhausted and you don’t know where to start- check out how we help others tap into their bodies’ healing capabilities by clicking this link.