5 Tips to Counteract Prolonged Sitting…….

1.) Try taking a short walk after lunch. Not only will it help with digestion (peristalsis) but it will also get you up and moving!
2.) Consider getting a standing workstation if this is an option. Most of these are adjustable and can be used sitting as well, but also have the standing option. That way you stretch those poor hip flexors!

3.) Drink plenty of water while working and take breaks to refill your water. Not only will you stay hydrated but you will get some movement from all of the re-filling and having to use the restroom!

4.) Take a short break to take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, increases energy, reduces anxiety and the list goes on!

5.) Take a few stretch breaks to break the sitting cycle. A forward fold with knees bent or straightened – is one that I enjoy doing! If you bend your knees, its more of a back stretch and if you straighten them it is more of a hamstring stretch.
I hope these little tips can help you if you are sitting for prolonged periods of time!

Small changes and habits can lead to much bigger ones over time.

Try adding in 2-3 of these changes and see how you are feeling.

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