Meet the Owner of Long Beach Specialty Acupuncture!


Β Today, I am putting a face with the name.Β  I haven’t posted many pictures of myself because that is not something that I enjoy doing as my practice isn’t about me- it’s about our patients.

But, I figured that it was about time to put a face with the business name! So, here it is!Β 

My name is Melani and I have been practicing acupuncture since 2008. I started treating patients at my school clinic and I have worked all over LA and the Southbay. I am the proud owner of Long Beach Specialty Acupuncture.

Β At our office we enjoy helping people feel better, to get back to doing the things that make them feel better!

In my free time, I am always reading, learning and researching things because I enjoy learning and teaching patients health-related topics and about how amazing the body is!

If you are tired of being in pain, feeling like crap and not seeing any improvement, come visit our office for some natural healing.Β 

I love to help people feel better and I specialize in reducing all type of pain, digestive disorders, headaches/migraines/ sports injuries and stress/anxiety.Β 

If are interested in acupuncture, we offer a free consultation, which is a stree-free/hassle-free conversation.Β 

It’s nice to virtually meet you! We hope to see you soon.

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